SchoolCares is the perfect School-Located Vaccination (SLV) solution for both public and private patients. In a world which often demands health departments do more with less, SchoolCares rises to the challenge.

Here are the steps to get started:

Step 1: Schedule and create clinic

For your first clinics we recommend emailing so we can help you setup your list of clinics as soon as possible. Please send us the following information

  • The name of the clinic
  • The date of the clinic
  • The address of the clinic
  • What location you'll be pulling inventory from

Step 2: Send parent information letter (*After Sep 6, 2018)

When you send out the parent information letter you will need to include a link and enrollment code. Your Parent Portal can be found at Once we have you setup as SchoolCares partner we will provide you with a unique SchoolCares ID that the parent will need in order to select between clinics in your district. 

Here's how your information could look.

"To sign up and provide consent for your child to be vaccinated please sign up at and enter our enrollment code: <insert your unique enrollment code>. Select the name of your child's school, complete the required information, and submit. Please note that your child has not been signed up unless you see a confirmation page upon submitting."

Step 3: Parents Signing Up

The experience and process for parents to sign up will be simple. 

Step 4: Order expected doses

As parents begin to sign up, you will find their child's name populated on the scheduling page in your portal. This will give you some indication of the minimum number of doses to order. 

You will be able to place your vaccine order directly on your inventory page at This brand new page has recently been released to help you manage your flu and non flu ordering needs. If the order is approved, we will get you the doses you need one week before your scheduled clinic.
We require orders be placed 3 weeks before the scheduled clinic.

Step 5: Complete your clinic

Before you leave for your clinic, you can print off a complete roster of patients that have signed up for the clinic by clicking on the print icon on the check-in page. 

If you plan on checking in students not previously registered you can bring a laptop and check them in at If you plan to do this, we recommend testing the schools internet connection ahead of time.

Have your VaxHub charged and bring the power adapter. Proceed with checking patients out according the VaxHub checkout process.

That's it! You've completed your SchoolCares clinic!

*Please do not ask parents to access the portal prior to Sep 6, 2018. We are making sure there are not further updates required for it to be a smooth experience on the tool.

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