Our Customer Care team, Sales Executives, and Executive Management have been collecting feedback from our Partners regarding their inventory management experience with VaxCare over the past several months. We heard a lot of great feedback but there were 3 dominant themes: 

  1. Weekly reconciliation is impossible to track, please make this monthly 
  2. VaxHub adjustments are not automatic 
  3. VaxHub transactions/adjustments are not transparent.

Today represents the beginning of the inventory process and tool changes we've heard you requesting.

Starting today we will no longer reconcile your vaccines weekly. VaxCare will only be financially reconciling your inventory on a monthly basis. This means that you will continue to count your inventory on a weekly basis and submit it to VaxCare. However, we will only be adjusting and reconciling from those counts at the beginning of the next month November-January.


  • Week 1: Submit Inventory Count
  • Week 2: Submit Inventory Count
  • Week 3: Submit Inventory Count
  • Week 4: Submit Inventory Count
  • The following week VaxCare will adjust your VaxHub Inventory based on your counts and financially reconcile any discrepancy


So, should I do anything different?

No, VaxCare is going to do something different. Instead of receiving 4 inventory transaction statements, you are only going to receive one at the beginning of the month for last month's transactions.

Will my VaxHub inventory numbers adjust with each vaccine count?

No, your VaxHub numbers will only be adjusted based on your count when you receive your monthly transaction report from us at the beginning of the month.

Why did you say you will be doing this just for "November-January"?

A monthly financial reconciliation is something that we will be doing moving forward however, monthly VaxHub inventory adjusting is only temporary. We are currently working on the tools that will give you the authorship to make adjustments realtime in your VaxHub at the beginning of 2018. 

Where's this all headed?

Today's announcement is one in a series of 3. We are delivering on a big processes changes but we have additional exciting tools that we're developing to help your VaxHub transactions to be both realtime and transparent. We can't wait to tell you more. We know you're going to love it.

Your feedback and open communication have been incredibly valuable over the past several months. Thanks for pushing us forward as we continue building tools that elevate your Vaccine Program experience.

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