Our Customer Care team, Sales Executives, and Executive Management have been collecting feedback from our Partners regarding their inventory management experience with VaxCare over the past several months. We heard a lot of great feedback, but there were 3 dominant themes: 

  • Weekly reconciliation is impossible to track, please make this monthly
  • VaxHub adjustments (swaps, transfers, and expired) are not automatic
  • VaxHub transactions are not transparent

Last month we rolled out an improvement to item number one. Inventory reconciliations are now processed monthly! We heard great feedback that this has helped decrease some of the confusion around lost inventory invoicing (more improvements still to come).

During this past month there was an intermittent error with saving vaccine counts. As recently communicated, this has been resolved and you should now be able to save your weekly vaccine count without error.

Next month we have some exciting new feature announcements that will help address VaxHub reliability and functionality. 

  • Checking out a dose in the VaxHub will become a real-time decrement to inventory
  • We’re going to eliminate the paperwork required for swaps, transfers, and expired. It will happen real-time in the VaxHub
  • You will have a transaction report in the VaxHub that will provide an audit for all transactions

We’re excited to give you greater control, transparency, and stability to your vaccine management experience. We can’t wait to share more next month!

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