VaxCare works with hundreds of insurance plans, thousands of providers, and over a million doses of vaccine per year! After studying and working with the very best vaccine-administering practices in the country, we’ve established a few Best Practices for all of our partners to follow.

Remember our two VaxCare goals from Article 2? These are driven by our DAILY Best Practices!

Goal #1: Every dose Risk Free.

Your primary goal with VaxCare is to get every dose to Risk Free (financially Risk Free, that is), because a "Risk Free" vaccine means your practice is guaranteed payment for administering that particular dose! 

Your DAILY BEST PRACTICE is to follow the Risk Free process, which has 3 simple steps:

  1. Check in your patient and follow the Eligibility responses
  2. Vaccinate your patient within age indication
  3. Check out your patient using the VaxHub.

A dose that does not follow our Risk Free process (i.e. that did not meet all 3 of the requirements above) is called At Risk. At Risk doses are not eligible for guaranteed compensation and will result in your practice being paid for those doses only if we are paid by the insurance company. At Risk doses can also result in charge backs if the vaccines are not billable once administered.

Just a quick reminder that VaxCare's Risk Free Guarantee protects your practice, not your patient. Risk Free is not a guarantee of payment on behalf of the patient. It does mean that nothing about that patient's information indicates they should have financial responsibility, but it is not a guarantee of payment. Our Risk Free Guarantee was created for you, as our partner!

Goal #2: Follow Automatic Vaccine Replenishment (AVR) best practices.

Your second goal is to make sure Automatic Vaccine Replenishment (AVR) stays on track so you’ll never run out of vaccines! 

The most important way to keep AVR on track is to follow our DAILY BEST PRACTICE and complete a daily count of your vaccines on the VaxHub.

You'll also want to keep your VaxCare vaccines organized separately from any other vaccine stocks, like VFC.

(The Office Champion or Billing Manager will be responsible for the MONTHLY BEST PRACTICE, so we'll return to that in a bit.)

So what's the point?

When VaxCare Best Practices are consistently and intentionally followed, your fridge will stay perfectly stocked, your practice will receive compensation for the vaccines you administer, and your patients will be happier, because they will be much less likely to owe money for the vaccines they receive. 

On the flip side, when Best Practices are not followed, you may run out of vaccines, be responsible for lost or incorrectly administered vaccines, or have patients receiving invoices. 

Not to fear! This training module will help you learn Best Practices, and our Customer Success Advocates are ready to help every step of the way.

Time to split off into your specific VaxCare roles! Please click the button that best describes you. 

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