Vaccinating a patient - and VaxCare's Risk Free Guarantee - both start with checking your patients into our system. We recommend you check in every privately insured patient on your schedule for the day, in order to give each one the chance to be vaccinated.

For those practices who have elected to complete a Data Extraction, most of your patients and their demographic/insurance information will already be in our system. 

We'll cover the basics (and some not-so-basics) of Check-In below. After you're done with the videos, simply answer the question at the bottom of the article to continue!

Patients with Medicare D

For Medicare D patients, the red dollar sign indicates that the patient has additional vaccines available to the patient through their Part D coverage. Let's take a quick look at the Medicare D process.

If you have a patient who is 64 or older, VaxCare will present a Med D icon in the patient responsibility column. Click on the icon to begin a Med D check.

To run a successful Med D eligibility check, you must provide a valid social security number. The patient will generally have a co-pay. This co-pay must be collected by entering a credit or debit card, which will be charged within 48 hours from administration of the patient's vaccine(s). We cannot accept cash co-pays for Medicare vaccines.

Once you enter this payment information, your Med D icon will have a green check mark, ensuring that your patient's check-in is Risk Free!

Once you have confirmed Med D eligibility and entered the patient's copay information, click on the printer icon to the left of the patient's name to print their consent form. Have the patient sign the consent form before vaccine administration. 

It is a CMS requirement to capture patient signature. CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) requires signature of the patient or the patient’s legal representative to validate a properly executed Medicare D informed consent. 

Therefore, VaxCare requires a copy of the signed patient consent for Med D.

Once you have administered the patient's vaccine(s), fax the signed consent form (or batch of consent forms) on a daily to weekly basis to 855-418-9149. VaxCare will reply with a confirmed receipt.

VaxCare will not submit the Med D claim to Medicare until after the signed consent form has been faxed. If we do not receive the signed consent form after 25 days, VaxCare will charge back to you the cost of the Med D vaccine.

What should you do if the patient you are checking in shows a Red X (“Not Eligible”) under the Eligibility column?

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