Complete your clinical workflow - the Patient Intake and the Patient Exam - just like you always do. To administer a vaccine to a patient, the provider or nurse (depending on your practice's protocol) can add a vaccine order under the Assessment and Physical (A&P) portion of the Patient Exam. If the patient will be receiving more than one vaccine, go ahead and place multiple orders for the vaccines to be administered.

**Please note that vaccine details do not need to be added to the initial order, as they will be sent back to Athena via the VaxHub once the vaccines are administered.

Once the vaccines have been checked out on the VaxHub, the vaccines details (lot number, expiration, and site) will automatically be returned from the VaxHub to the order in Athena. The vaccine order does not have to be signed before administering the vaccines (unless your practice's policy says otherwise), but the order does have to be signed before you are able to view the patient's updated vaccine record in Athena.

If the patient's vaccine information does not come back to Athena automatically, verify you have placed the correct order for the age of the patient and the product administered. If the product administered is different from the order placed in Athena, the vaccine information will not be returned to Athena.

Information can be returned to Athena from the VaxHub one time. If you edit a vaccine in the VaxHub, please be sure to update in Athena as well.

Now let's talk about checking out your patient with the VaxHub...

Check-out is the final step to vaccinating your patient and completes the Risk Free Guarantee! The best part? It takes just 30 seconds. Seriously, it will take us longer to show you the VaxHub than it will for you to check out your patient!

And for all my grocery store self-checkout enthusiasts (you know who you are), get excited! This one's for you.

Important note: If you delete a patient's vaccine from the VaxHub, please be sure to also delete this vaccine in Athena as well.

If you need to make a change to a patient's vaccine record (or delete a vaccine from the encounter) after the patient has been checked out on the VaxHub, where should you make the change?

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