Workflow starts with scheduling your patient appointments in eClinicalWorks, just as you do now! Simply create a new appointment and fill out the details in eClinicalWorks. 

When you click “OK” in the appointment window, eClinicalWorks sends VaxCare relevant appointment information, including:

  • Appointment status
  • Patient
  • Date & time
  • Provider
  • Facility / location

eClinicalWorks also sends relevant patient-specific data to VaxCare. Create and update your patient data just as you do today. 

When you click “OK” on the Patient Information screen, eCW sends the patient data to VaxCare too, including:

  • Name
  • DoB
  • Sex
  • SSN
  • Address
  • Contact info
  • Insurance info
  • Member ID
  • Group ID
  • Relationship to insured
  • Insured information

To update appointment or patient details in VaxCare, go to eCW and make the relevant changes. If for some reason you do not have access to eCW, you are also able to create, edit or delete appointments in VaxCare, but your changes may be overwritten by data coming from eClinicalWorks. 

For this reason, we generally recommend making all changes inside eCW. Your information will be sent to VaxCare automatically.

Together, appointment details, patient demographics, and patient insurance information make up all data necessary to get started with VaxCare. eClinicalWorks will push all pertinent data to your VaxCare Portal automatically, so each morning you'll be ready to simply head on over to the VaxCare Scheduler and get your patients to green!

One last time: Any time a change occurs in a patient's appointment information, changes should be made in eClinicalWorks. Information flows in one direction from eClinicalWorks to the VaxCare Scheduler, not the other way around.

Where should you make a change to a patient's appointment information?

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