Now that we've introduced ourselves, let's take a "30,000 foot" look at the VaxCare workflow!

Daily Habits

Check In Patients "Risk Free"

  1. During Check-In, you’ll fill out your patient’s appointment details in Cerner. That information is automatically updated within
  2. verifies your patient’s demographic and insurance information in real-time. If a patient is about to receive vaccine and the VaxHub has a red eligibility symbol. Send them to the front desk to capture additional information.
  3. The front-desk updates the patients information directly within Cerner.

Check Out Patients

  1. Check-out the patient and dose using VaxHub
  2. Vaccinate the patient within age indication, according to manufacturer and CDC guidelines

Get Paid For Every Shot

  1. At the beginning (or end) of the day confirm the inventory you have on hand in the VaxHub. This ensures you do not have any doses missing that were administered but not checked out.

Monthly Habits

  1. Of course VaxCare handles the majority of your billing, but you’ll need someone to review your monthly compensation report to make sure you’re billing for any doses administered outside of the Risk Free Guarantee protocol.

Which of the following is a VaxCare goal for your practice?

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