It's a recommended best practice to confirm your inventory on hand once daily (at the beginning or end of day). This keeps Automatic Vaccine Replenishment (AVR) on track, helps us catch any shipping errors immediately, and verifies you are getting compensated for every shot!

To Confirm Your Inventory On Hand Follow These Steps

Select the appropriate vaccine stock you would like to confirm

Review any historical variances the exist for each product and then proceed with creating a new count by selecting "New Count" in the lower right hand corner.

Confirm the products you have on hand by clicking "Confirm". If the amount you have on hand is different then what VaxCare is showing, click the edit pencil to scan or enter in a lot level variance.

After confirming all products hit the action button in the lower right hand corner to save and continue.

You will see the financial impact for any dose variances represented. This does not constitute an invoice. Instead, this will be added to your inventory monthly balance which can be altered by an updated vaccine count provided later in the month. Hit CONFIRM and your inventory ON HAND is automatically updated.

You know your confirmation has been submitted when you immediately see the confirmation submitted screen.

Correcting Negative On Hands

Occasionally, an on hand amount will dip into a negative number.  This can occur for a variety of reasons, for example, when applying a VaxCare dose to a VFC patient. 

Negative on-hands always need to be addressed.  We'll notify you during your count confirmation with an "Attention Required" button:

To continue and save your count confirmation, you must correct the negative on-hand lot number and confirm all other lot number amounts for that vaccine, as shown:

Save Your Count Confirmation

When you’re finished confirming or editing all vaccine counts, click the check-mark icon in the bottom right corner.

Select “Save and Continue” to review your count.

And then hit "Submit" to automatically update your counts!

You're almost done. To reconcile your inventory, continue to Daily Count Part 2: Reconciling Inventory.

How often should you take a full inventory count on the Hub?

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