Tracking and ordering VFC inventory:

VaxCare gives your practice the ability to track your VFC inventory. This is not handled by VaxCare's AVR (Automatic Vaccine Replenishment).

All VFC orders are managed by the practice outside of VaxCare

Your practice will continue to order VFC outside of the VaxCare system since that is managed through the state.

All VFC shipments need to be manually received 

Since VFC orders are not originating from VaxCare we are unable to track that for you. When you receive a VFC shipment you need to manually receive it in your fridge by following these steps:

Select Manage Inventory

Select your VFC stock

Select Receive Delivery:

Scan or tap to update the amount of inventory received

Hit the action button in the bottom right to save and continue:

Review the inventory you are about to update. Hit SUBMIT to update inventory.

Scheduling a VFC Patient:

Cerner is automatically mapped to Uninsured patients and special payers are mapped to the funding source of VFC stock. You will see this reflected in the Scheduler and VaxHub.

Before checking a patient out always verify what type of stock they should receive: 

ShowMeVax: How do we upload to ShowMeVax?

VaxCare provides a report that you can export and upload directly to ShowMeVax. Should you need to view or generate a tally sheet you may do so in the resources section of the portal.

Who is responsible for the ordering and inventory updating of your VFC stock?

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