Is your practice on our eClinicalWorks integration? Here's what that means:

  1. VaxCare is receiving updates to patient information every time you click "Save" on a patient in eCW.
  2. VaxCare is receiving updates to appointments every time you click "Save" on an appointment in eCW.

Data in VaxCare should update within a few seconds of making your change in eCW.

Other things to look out for...

  • Seeing lots of Partner Bill? We map eCW insurance records to our system behind-the-scenes. Some insurance names we haven't explicitly mapped yet, so we review those manually. We're generally caught up within a week or so; in the interim, keep an eye on the schedule and change appointments to Insurance Pay as appropriate. 
  • Making patient edits in VaxCare? Be careful... we trust eCW as the system of record. If a patient is missing data and you only add it to VaxCare, it will be overwritten by whatever we get from eCW.

Something seem funky? Questions or Concerns? You can always contact our Customer Care team at (888) 829-8550 or

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