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At the end of last year, we visited partners across the U.S. and heard 3 clear points:

  1. VaxHub adjustments (swaps, transfers, and expired) are not automatic
  2. Vaccine Counts and adjustments are unclear and slow
  3. VaxHub transactions are not transparent

Our aim is to transform your vaccination experience through purpose-built systems that simplify success. With your feedback, we believe this represents a crucial step forward in continuing to deliver on that promise.

In June 2018, we're rolling out 3 key features (and more) that address the direct feedback we heard from you.

1. The VaxHub Inventory Manager

Never send VaxCare a paper form again. Swaps, transfers, expired transactions can be processed and updated real-time within the VaxHub. 

2. VaxHub Count Confirmation

You control your VaxHub numbers. We'll show what you should have "On-Hand". 

Simply confirm what's in your fridge daily and your VaxHub will update automatically. Confirm daily to keep an eye on your balance and find unscanned doses the next day.

3. Vaccine Insights on your portal

View all of your transactions with a simple search in your "Resources" section.  Search every shipment, check-out, swap, transfer, and more.

Bonus release: Patient eligibility on the VaxHub!

A much-requested feature, you can now see patient eligibility and any possible patient responsibility directly at the VaxHub (make sure your VaxHub has accepted the most recent update to experience)

Click below to learn more about this release

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