Your first count with the new Inventory Experience is unique.  This is the first and only time you’ll submit a lot-level count.  

The numbers that we’re starting with are your product-level on hand numbers.  You’ll now be submitting your lot-level on hand numbers, within each product.

For example, when you start, your VaxHub says that you should have 10 doses of Product A “On Hand”.  You count Product A and specify that you have 5 doses of Lot 1 and 5 doses of Lot 2.  After submitting that count, you’re going to see Product A show a “Confirmed” count of 10, and a “Variance” of (10) - the parentheses mean a negative number.

The variance is showing as negative 10 because you’ve counted 5 doses of Lot 1 and 5 doses of Lot 2.  You didn’t count 10 doses of Product A.  The variance shown is the number of doses whose lot information is being updated. This is working just as the system intends. 

Optional Reading: Breaking Down The Math

To see what we mean, go back to your “Count Confirmation” page after finishing your count.  Next to the products you just counted, click the “View Count Details” button.  Or, visit your Vaccine Insights “Vaccine Counts” report, and click the product name.  A lot-level list will drop-down.  

You’ll see that the product level variance number is the same as the sum of the lot level doses counted - only negative.  Here’s a visual:

Product A      (10) 

Lot 1                5

Lot 2               5

This should be a net inventory transaction, meaning there will not be a financial impact.  If you see a financial impact, it’s because there was a dose used but not scanned out since the last time you did an inventory count. 

After this first count, your variance experience will be vastly simplified. You will simply confirm what you have on hand, and your system will match up with the lot numbers you’ve already reported. Variances will only show for doses that weren’t checked out.

You may feel more comfortable running another count confirmation right away.  The product and lot numbers will be reconciled once you do that second count. And, if you’d like to dig deeper, please email us at  We’d be happy to go over your numbers with you.     

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