So what about your patients? Will they even know you've decided to partner with VaxCare?

In most cases, no. We will bill for the patient's vaccines, the patient's insurance will pay for those vaccines, and the patient will be good to go!

Let's Talk EOBs

That said, your patient may receive an additional EOB on behalf of VaxCare, just like LabCorp, Quest, or any third-party service provider in your office. This is usually a separate EOB from the EOB they will receive when you bill for their office visit. 

The EOB may say "VaxCare," our state medical director's name, or some combination of the two, but it generally has the patient's primary provider location on the EOB as well. Sometimes this is confusing to patients, so it's important for you to reiterate this is normal and expected in the world of insurance companies. It would also be normal for the patient to see vaccine-related charges, like a consultation or admin fee, which is different based on the payer and CPT codes billed for that particular patient.

VaxCare Invoices

If the patient has an outstanding balance for their vaccine, the patient will also receive an invoice from VaxCare, which will certainly include the date of service, your practice name (as our partner), and instructions to call our billing staff before remitting. 

If a patient receives a bill from VaxCare, it is generally because the check-in staff ignored eligibility prompts, resulting in an out-of-network claim or expired demographic and insurance information that prevented us from billing correctly. 

It could also mean the patient received duplicate vaccines in a given time-frame, the patient's insurance information changed between the date the vaccine was administered and the date the vaccine was billed (this usually happens around the last/first day of a month), or that the system indicated the patient had possible financial responsibility for the vaccine and the check-in staff did not follow the instructions for such patients upon check-in. 

In most cases, we just need updated information from your patient, and then we will re-submit the insurance claim in attempts to get the insurance company to pay on the patient's behalf.

If a patient has a question about their EOB or invoice, please have them reach out to our staff directly at 1-888-829-8550. There will be an option on the main menu to reach our billing department. We're happy to help set up a payment plan or answer any questions the patient may have!

What about Risk Free?

Remember our Risk Free guarantee is here to protect you, as our partner! As long as the vaccine was Risk Free when it was administered, that dose will remain Risk Free, even if the patient owes us for their vaccine(s). 

My patient received an invoice from VaxCare. What should I do?

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