The beauty of the VaxCare system is that we send you vaccines as you need them, pending manufacturer availability. Sometimes products are back-ordered from the manufacturer, or shipping delays occur due to weather. Here is where you can check the latest on vaccine availability updates.

View the CDC Shortage & Delays website for additional information.  

Information up-to-date as Wednesday, February 5th, 2020.

Product Availability Statuses


No longer available for shipping from the manufacturer after 11/22/19. Fluzone available as a substitute

Havrix Adult

On manufacturer back-order. Sending Vaqta Adult as a substitute


On manufacturer back-order. Sending ActHIB as a substitute


On manufacturer back-order with limited supply. We are working with the manufacturer to ensure we can send you your needed Shingrix immunizations as frequently as possible.

Alcohol Prep Pads

The manufacturer is currently on backorder of alcohol prep pads offered through VaxCare. We have not been provided an estimate of when these will be available again. We will resume sending your preferred supplies once it is available again from the manufacturer.





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