What is Heplisav-B?
HEPLISAV-B is a new vaccination indicated for prevention of infection caused by the hepatitis B virus

Who is the manufacturer?

Can I scan Heplisav-B on my VaxHub?
Due to the way the doses are manufactured from Dynavax, Heplisav-B is not able to be scanned on the VaxHub. The pre-filled syringe (PFS) presentation does not have a barcode, and the single-dose-vial (SDV) presentation has a rounded barcode that is not compatible with the VaxHub scanner. Not to worry! You are still able to manually select this product on the VaxHub by following the steps outlined HERE.

How do I get it?
Simply send us an email to help@vaxcare.com requesting to add or switch to Heplisav-B

What if I am already contracted for Engerix-B?
You are only able to have one brand of a specific product on your contract at a time. This means VaxCare can either supply you Engerix-B OR Heplisav-B, but not both. If you request to switch from Engerix to Heplisav, AVR will automatically send you Heplisav once you get low on your current on-hand amount of Engerix. From that point forward we will supply you with Heplisav.

Can Heplisav-B be used to complete a vaccination series started with Engerix-B or Recombivax HB?
Yes, however, we cannot give clinical recommendations on how to vaccinate. Information is limited on the safety and effects when Heplisav-B is interchanged with hepatitis B vaccines from other manufacturers. We would also not be able to determine insurance coverage in this situation. When feasible, the same manufacturer’s vaccines should be used to complete the series. Please consult your provider or the manufacturer for more information on dosage and administration if you wish to use two Hep B brands interchangeably in a series.   

What is the VaxCare vaccine fee?
$101.20 per dose

 What is the common presentation?
Pre-filled syringe (PFS)

How many come in a box?
5 doses per box (0.5mL each)

Is it refrigerated or frozen?
Stored in refrigerator. Do NOT freeze

Is it latex free?
Yes, both PFS and SDV are latex free.

What is the age indication?
Adults 18 years of age and older. 

What is the dose administration/vaccine schedule?
2 doses (0.5mL each) one month apart.

How will insurance cover it?
VaxCare cannot guarantee coverage for patients, however, insurance coverage for Heplisav is similar to that of Engerix. While Heplisav-B is covered by many health insurances, the level and type of coverage can vary. Coverage is specific to the patient’s individual insurance policy. For specific coverage details, we suggest the patient contact their individual plan to determine reimbursement. Remember, as long as you follow our risk-free guidelines (green check mark eligibility upon check in, vaccine given within age-indication, and patient checked out on the VaxHub within 2 days), your organization is guaranteed compensation regardless of how insurance covers the patient’s immunization.

When will you start shipping it?
Heplisav-B will be available for shipping through VaxCare beginning the week of 12/6/18

Which do you recommend?
We cannot give clinical recommendations on how to vaccinate. Please consult your provider or the manufacturer for more information.


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