Sometimes, you may need to transfer out doses for various reasons such as borrowing from another stock or between clinic locations. Follow these steps below on how to perform this transaction

1.) Log in to the the VaxHub with your PIN and select the three-lined menu in the top right hand corner

2.) Select "Manage Inventory"

3.) Select "Transfer Out" (or "Transfer In" to receive in doses)

4.) Choose where you are transferring inventory to.

Select "Another location" if you are transferring between clinic locations. Otherwise, choose "Another Stock" 

5.) Select which stock you are transferring to.

If none apply, or if you are doing a non-vaxcare flu return, select "Other"

6.) Scroll until you find the product you wish to return. Select "Scan or Tap" next to that product

7.) Tap the pencil icon next to the lot number you wish to transfer. When you tap the pencil icon, you will be prompted to choose a quanitity

8.) Using the number pad, enter in the quantity you are transferring out for that lot number. Once completed, select "Save"

9.) Tap "Close"

10.) Repeat steps 6 - 9 for any additional products that need to be transferred out. Once all products have been accounted for, tap the blue circle with a check mark and three lines

11.) Tap "Save and continue"

12.) You will be brought to a final page to review your selections. If everything is correct, tap "Submit"

Once submitted, the transfer out transaction is complete and doses have been removed from inventory

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