Right Patient, Right Dose is a new VaxCare feature set that keeps your patients safe.  

Right Patient, Right Dose (RPRD) alerts you as soon as you're about to checkout the wrong vaccine.  By using provider orders in your integrated EHR, we tell you exactly which vaccines to checkout for your patients on the VaxHub.  And, your Portal provides reporting on which patients did and did not receive what was ordered.

RPRD will be released to Athena and Greenway integrated partners throughout 2019.  Here, we'll show you how it works!

How to Checkout Patients

We put patient needs in front of the nurse or provider on the VaxHub.  This validates that every patient is receiving every dose they need, and nothing more. 

During checkout, tap on a patient from the patient drop-down.

Orders from your EHR will be automatically populated in the checkout screen. 

If you’d like to proactively report that an ordered product won’t be administered, you can select "Reason for no checkout" on the Checkout screen.     

If you don't see orders you were expecting, tap "Check for orders" on the check out screen to resync with your EHR.

If you scan or manually enter a vaccine that does not match provider orders, you'll be stopped with an "Unordered Dose" popup.

Should you choose to "Administer unordered dose", instead of "Remove and wait for orders", you'll be prompted to record the reason for administration.

If you attempt to complete checkout without fulfilling each ordered vaccine, you will be prompted to "Provide reason for incomplete checkout". 

Updated Daily Checkout Report

In the "Checked-Out" screen, we've introduced visit-level "Reasons" to provide a record of why patients may not have received vaccines, or may not have received the same vaccines they were ordered.  

Under the "No Check-out" tab, simply tap one of the buttons to record the "No Checkout Reason" for each product. 

How to View Reporting   

RPRD also brings valuable reporting to the Portal's Vaccine Insights.  The EHR Reconciliation report gives administrators the ability to dig into who did and who did not receive what was ordered, and the reasons why.

Open Vaccine Insights within Portal "Resources".  Select "EHR Reconciliation".

Select your clinic location and date range.  You should now see all unfulfilled orders and doses administered without orders.

Digging into the data…

You'll notice a new "Report Display Options" button at the top of the report. Open it to further filter to the results you want to report on. For instance:

  • Select "Ordered Check Outs" in order to see all fulfilled orders in addition to the problem areas. 
  • You can further filter down to only certain reasons by deselecting reasons in the "Unordered Doses" column or the "No Checkout" column.

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