Vaccines go through many years of testing before being set into production and shipped, but sometimes the manufacturer may issue a recall of a certain vaccine or batch of vaccines. VaxCare will alert you of any recalls as soon as the manufacturer notifies us.

Please ensure you return any recalled lot numbers to us via your VaxHub ASAP! Instructions HERE.

Recall FAQ

How are recalls communicated?

The manufacturer notifies us at VaxCare of any products that are being recalled. VaxCare will then reach out to your office directly if we see that you have been shipped the product/lot number that is being recalled.

What if I vaccinated a patient with a recalled dose?

It is up to your office on how you wish to proceed in this instance. VaxCare cannot give clinical recommendations on how to vaccinate. For more information, please contact the manufacturer. 

I revaccinated my patient, now what?

In the event you revaccinate the patient, please partner bill for the dose that is being re-administered, as VaxCare will not be able to bill it to the insurance for reimbursement.

How can I find what patients I vaccinated with a recalled lot number?

You can find this information by logging into your portal and clicking HERE to access the Billing Details report. Follow the steps below to pull the report:

1.) Select "Skip" when prompted to select a patient

2.) Check off all payment types and then click "Next"

3.) Select a date range starting from when that lot number was delivered until present.  Then select "Show Results."

If you are unsure when you received that lot number, you can view your shipment history on the portal by going to Resources > VaxHub Transaction > Shipment. 

4.) Select "Export as Excel" to export the data to an Excel file and open the downloaded file

5.) Select "Data" and then "Filter" to apply filters the the file

6.) In column "N" click the drop down arrow and type in the lot number. This will filter to all patients that received that lot number.

For more information on vaccine recalls, please view this article by the CDC.

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