The VaxHub barcode scanner requires the device to be placed in a well lit area. If the office is unable to keep the Vaxhub in a location with sufficient lighting, not to fear, light attachments are here!

The light attachment can be ordered by calling Customer Care at 888-829-8550, or you can send an email to Notify us that your barcode scanner is not picking up movement or a vial bar code the way it should be, and we can send the light attachment to your clinic within 2-3 business days. Light attachments are free of charge!

The pictures below demonstrate the most effective way to attach the clip to your VaxHub stand, in order to improve the scanner's function.

The energy saving light has 3 levels of brightness and it is turned on by touching the square sensor on the clip. The light attachment comes with a USB adapter that can keep it charged at all times.

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