VaxCare does not manufacturer or distribute vaccines from our office. Below are all the vaccines VaxCare can supply your office and which manufacturer they come from:

Where are vaccines shipping from?

GSK and Pfizer vaccines ship directly from the manufacturer to your office. All other vaccines ship through our distributor, VaxServe. This is why you may receive different products from different transportation services (FedEx, UPS etc.) and why some products may have different packaging and tracking information.

How do I know this shipment is from VaxCare?

Any vaccine shipment you receive from VaxCare will have "VaxCare" indicated so on the packing slip.

Why is there another Doctor's name on my vaccine shipment?

You might notice that your shipment has another doctor's name on it. This is not an error, and the shipment is intended for you. VaxCare is the purchaser of the immunizations therefore the shipment will reflect this showing either VaxCare Corp/Subsidiary Name/Medical Director Name depending upon manufacturer or distributor guidelines. We simply follow their rules.

If you have any questions, please let us know, we love to help!

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