What is VaxBuy?

"VaxBuy" is a transaction type utilized for private inventory purchase orders on the VaxHub. You will use this transaction when VaxCare is purchasing your private vaccines from you and acquiring them as VaxCare stock. This transaction will add the doses to your VaxCare inventory and will initiate a Purchase Order to be generated that details the amount VaxCare is paying you for your doses. You do NOT use the VaxBuy transaction if you want to move doses between stocks or locations. In that scenario, please utilize the Transfer In/Transfer Out transactions

When do I use the VaxBuy Transaction?

You will use "VaxBuy" whenever you want VaxCare to purchase your private vaccines. There are a few scenarios where this may take place:

1.) Onboarding as a new partner

When you go-live with us as a brand new partner, VaxCare pays you for your current vaccine stock, and these doses become VaxCare inventory! Your sales rep will go through this transaction with you.

2.) Adding non-VaxCare doses into inventory (doses VaxCare did not ship to you)

There are instances where you may want to add vaccines to VaxCare inventory that you obtained outside of VaxCare. For example, shingrix is in short supply, with order limits placed on not just doctor's offices around the country, but also VaxCare as well. Your office may opt to purchase short-supply vaccines such as Shingrix directly from the manufacturer in an instance like this, and then transfer them to VaxCare inventory. 

How do I initiate a VaxBuy transaction?

1.) Log in to the VaxHub with your PIN and tap the three-lined menu in top right hand corner and select "Manage Inventory." Select the "VaxBuy" transaction type.

2.) A window will pop-up explaining this transaction type. Select "continue" to proceed

3.) If this is the first time adding vaccines to inventory (i.e. new partner onboarding) you will see a grid explaining which barcode to scan.

4.) Add the product(s) to inventory by either scanning the barcode, or selecting "Scan or Tap" next to the product listed in your existing inventory. You can tap the pencil icon next to the corresponding lot number to toggle the quantity being added.

If it is a new lot number being added, select the product and at the bottom of the lot numbers listed, select "Don't see your lot?" If you are adding a new product, tap the blue circle in the bottom right hand corner of the screen and select "Don't see your product?"

5.) Once you have added all products to inventory, tap the blue circle with the check mark and three lines at the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Select "Save and Continue"

6.) You will be brought to a final screen to review what is being added to inventory. Select "Submit" to complete the transaction

Once submitted, VaxCare will generate and return to you via email a signed Purchase Order. This Purchase Order confirms the products and quantities we are purchasing from you and acquiring as VaxCare stock, as well as the financial amount we are paying your for the doses. This is for you to keep for your records. 

How do I view reporting of my VaxBuy transactions?

1You can quickly and easily access reporting on VaxBuy transactions right on your VaxCare.com portal! This reporting allows you insight into what products were added to inventory via a VaxBuy transaction, when the transaction was performed, who submitted the transaction and how it affected your inventory.

1.) Simply log in and select "Resources" at the top of the screen and select "VaxHub Transaction"

2.) Select your location, transaction type (VaxBuy) and date range.

This will generate a report containing all information around any VaxBuy transactions submitted on your VaxHub.

Please let us know if you have any questions, we love to help!
help@vaxcare.com | 888-829-8550

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