When do I need to return my flu for the 2018-2019 season?

We need to have your flu doses returned to VaxCare by Friday June 14th, 2019. To ensure your doses are returned to us by then, plan to have your flu picked up out of your office and in transit to VaxCare no later than Friday, June 7th 2019.

How do I return my flu doses?

You simply need to submit a return request on your VaxHub. You can select "Expired or Expiring Soon" as the return reason. Follow the steps outlined HERE on how to submit a return request. Upon submitting a return request, VaxCare removes the doses from your inventory. Simple as that!

Does the flu need to be returned cold?

No, returns do not need to be sent back cold or on ice. Simply package the flu doses in any box (VaxCare does not provide a return box) and await the FedEx pickup. Package vaccines carefully to ensure they do not break in transit back to VaxCare. If doses are returned to us broken, your office will be charged.

How do I get a return label?

FedEx will provide the label once they are in your office for the pickup

Will I be charged for the flu I did not use?

As long as the doses are intact/unused/uncapped/unopened/not drawn up and returned to us by the deadline, there is no charge incurred. 

Per manufacturer guidelines, if you have FLUMIST you are only able to return 20% of the doses shipped to you. Your organization will be financially responsible for any unused flumist over 20% of what you received.

Will I be charged if I do not return my unused flu doses?

Yes, you will be charged for ANY VaxCare supplied flu doses you do not return to VaxCare by the deadline.

Which flu doses do I return to VaxCare?

Return all unused flu doses supplied to you by VaxCare. 

What do I do if I have non-VaxCare supplied flu doses in my VaxCare inventory?

If you have non-VaxCare supplied flu products on hand, return those directly back to the manufacturer, within the manufacturer's return deadline. Perform a “Transfer Out” transaction on your VaxHub to remove these non-VaxCare supplied doses from VaxCare inventory. Click HERE for instructions. Once transferred out, return doses to the manufacturer within their specified return deadline. VaxCare will invoice you for the doses being returned to the manufacturer once they are transferred out of inventory. The manufacturer will then credit you for those doses returned to them. Remember, this is for non-VaxCare supplied flu products ONLY

Non-VaxCare flu products include:

  • Fluad
  • Fluarix
  • Flucelvax
  • FluLaval MDV (multi-dose vial presentation only)

When can I "pre-book" my flu with VaxCare for the upcoming season?

Do NOT pre-book flu directly through the manufacturer. As a VaxCare partner, we pre-book on your behalf. We simply need you to submit your "Flu Baseline" through VaxCare so we know how much flu we need to supply you! Your flu baseline is the total number of flu doses you anticipate to administer for the entire 2019-2020 season (this includes any flu clinics you plan on having). Flu baselines will open for submission by June 15th, 2019 We will notify you once it is time to submit your flu baselines for the 2019-2020 season, hang tight for now! You can read about our flu baseline submission process from last year HERE.

What if I pre-booked with the manufacturer?

Cancel your pre-book with the manufacturer as soon as possible and submit your flu baseline through VaxCare

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