A "variance" is the difference between the amount of vaccines VaxCare shows you should have on-hand (based on shipments, checkouts, and VaxHub transactions) and the amount you confirm you actually have on-hand during a count confirmation.  Below is a recap of negative & positive variances and the top 3 common causes and solutions.  

You can view unresolved variances in your Inventory Balance report here.

Negative Variance  

A negative variance occurs from counting less doses on hand than we show you should have on hand for a product or products. This removes the dose(s) from your inventory and creates a charge to you.

Cause #1: A patient received a vaccine but they were not checked out on the VaxHub.

Solution: Compare the patients in VaxCare vs. patients in your EMR or patient records (consent forms) who received that vaccine.  Check the patient out on the VaxHub for the correct Date of Service or call VaxCare to add the vaccine to the claim. 

 If you find the missing checkout is 90 days past the Date of Service and outside timely filing, upload the consent form to VaxCare for recordkeeping purposes by using our Consent Form Uploader here.  
VaxCare will not attempt to bill and will charge the vaccine fee back to you.


Cause #2: A VFC or other stock patient received a VaxCare vaccine in error.

Solution: Transfer the VaxCare lot number OUT on the VaxHub.  Then transfer a VFC/Other Stock IN on the VaxHub. Physically move the VFC/Other Stock to VaxCare Inventory. Complete a count confirmation.


Cause #3: Doses expired and weren’t counted.

Solution: Count the doses by including them in a count confirmation.  Then perform a return transaction to deduct them out.


 Positive Variance

A positive variance occurs from counting more doses on hand than we show you should have on hand for a product or products. This adds the dose(s) to your inventory and creates a credit to you.

Cause #1: A patient was checked out but didn’t receive the vaccine.

Solution: If it's still the Date of Service, remove the dose(s) from the patient checkout on the VaxHub. If it's after the date of service, call/email/chat Customer Care to void the dose(s) from the claim.


Cause #2: VaxCare patient received a VFC dose in error.

Solution: Transfer the VFC lot number IN the VaxHub.  Then transfer a VaxCare dose OUT of the VaxHub.  Physically move the dose to the VFC inventory. Complete a count confirmation.


Cause #3: A count confirmation was submitted before the shipment information loaded into your VaxHub inventory and now there's an extra box.

Solution: If the shipment loads later and adds another box amount, just complete another count - it'll create a negative variance to even out the previous positive variance. If it still hasn’t loaded, call/email/chat Customer Care to trigger the shipment into your inventory.



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