What is "Clean-Up"?
We've created the clean-up page so you can catch any eligibility issues before potential charges occur to your monthly compensation. In the clean-up page, you will find patients with eligibility issues that have received vaccinations. This patient list allows you to address or "Clean Up" any issues within a 7-day grace period (more on that below!) enabling you to get paid for every dose administered. Once "Clean Up" has occurred and the eligibility issue has been resolved, the patient is removed from the list. 

The "Clean Up" page is easy to navigate and can be found by starting in the "Patients" tab and clicking on the "Clean-Up" page.

7-Day Grace Period

Occasionally patients with eligibility issues receive shots. We understand. It happens.  

That's why we have created a 7-Day Grace Period for all eligibility issues. This provides you with adequate time to resolve the issue before we file the resulting claim and avoid any unnecessary charge backs to your practice.

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