We are prepped and excited for the 2020-2021 flu season! We'll outline important information about what to expect from your partnership with us this flu season.

When can I expect to start receiving flu shipments?

Flu vaccines start shipping end of August/early September. The beauty of our system is that it's based on your utilization, which means we will send you additional flu vaccines as you need it, pending manufacturer availability

How much flu will I receive this season?

At VaxCare we establish a Flu Baseline for your flu-season.  By the end of flu season you can expect to receive the full allotment of flu vaccines requested in your baselines, though you'll receive it throughout the season as you need it.   

Your baseline is the total number of doses we anticipate your practice is going to need for the entire flu season, including any flu clinics you may have.  We asked that you review and confirm our forecasted baseline for your clinic by July 3rd, 2020.  If you did not confirm, we will auto-approve our suggested baseline. 

If you have any concerns about refrigerator space during flu season, email help@vaxcare.com.  We'll let you know what to expect, and adjust if needed! 

How do I manage flu inventory throughout the season?

Clinics or special orders:

If you expect to have a clinic or special event that will produce a spike in volume, you must provide a minimum of 3 weeks notice. You will be able to place your order by logging into the portal and navigating to Inventory > Flu. If the order is approved, we'll get you the doses you need one week before your scheduled clinic. (*Ideally you should have included your expected clinic doses in your original baseline estimation.)

If you've already scheduled multiple clinics for this season, let us know ASAP!  Email your clinic schedule to help@vaxcare.com and we'll take care of the rest.   

Halt Shipments:

As soon as you feel your practice has all the flu you will need for the season, you can go into the Inventory > Flu > Current Season section of the portal and click "Halt Shipping" next to the product you would like to conclude for the season.

What flu products are available?

The following products will be supplied to you by VaxCare this flu season:

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