What Are Transactions?

Like on your bank billing statement, transactions are individual records of every action in the VaxCare eco-system that has a potential financial impact on your practice.

Found under the Billing tab, the Transactions page shows all transactions that may be included in compensation for your practice. The page is a report of all transactions regardless of type or status.

Transaction Types

The Transactions page accounts for all types of activity in the VaxCare ecosystem. You can filter down the report based on Transaction Type.

  1. VaxCare Bill: a claim that VaxCare will bill.

  2. Partner Bill: a claim your practice should bill. See Partner Responsibility for more information.

  3. Self-Pay: you should collect directly from the patient for these transactions. See Partner Responsibility for more information.

  4. Reversal: though rare, these transactions appear when unpaid claims are unexpectedly paid by the payer after VaxCare has already applied a vaccine fee. In these instances, VaxCare is paying you the admin fee and reimbursing the previously-charged vaccine fee. 

  5. Loss/Waste: these transactions are created on the VaxHub when dose(s) are misplaced, broken or otherwise missing. 

  6. Transfers: these transactions are created on the VaxHub and represent inventory moving into or out of the VaxCare stock in your refrigerator.

  7. Corrections: though rare, these transactions are simply corrections of previous errors in compensation. 

  8. Count Variances: these occur when an inventory count results in an un-explained count variance. For these transactions, VaxCare charges or credits for the value of the dose(s).

Transaction Statuses

Each transaction carries a specific status that reflects progress as it marches towards compensation. Transaction status can fall into one of 4 buckets.

Pending: not yet processed by VaxCare (still in the 7 day grace period)
Processing: VaxCare has billed the claim and is waiting on a payer response.  
Processed: VaxCare has completed billing activities, but the transaction has not yet been included in compensation.
Settled: your practice was credited or charged for this transaction in a monthly statement. 

You can filter the Transactions page down to a specific status. The Transactions page by default is sorted by status, so you will typically see Pending transactions at the top of the page.

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