The Statement Summary can be found in the statements section within the billing tab. The statement summary contains metrics that reflect the health of your vaccination program. 

The top of the summary has three columns: 

Compensation - What your practice earned with VaxCare from administration fees and inventory gains.

Deductions - The amount that will be deducted from your compensation for partner bill, self pay, inventory losses, and VaxHub fees.

Total - The difference between your compensation amount and your deductions, or the amount your compensation check will be for the month in question.

The second piece of the summary details the breakdown of your claims for the month in question. Claims are split up by self pay, partner bill , and paid VaxCare bill. The section shows the total claims, doses , and dollar amounts associated with each claim type. There is also a pie chart to the left to visually show the breakdown of claims. 

The bottom of the summary shows the Inventory Transactions, Other fees and Balances. 

Inventory transactions - This section shows variances in vaccine counts and the dollar amounts associated with those discrepancies. 

Other Fees & Balances - This sections shows any fees your practice is being charged, this is usually just the monthly VaxHub fee. The section also shows any open balances from a previous month that are still owed.  

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