The Patients Tab in the VaxCare Portal is where you will go to schedule patients, add new patients to the schedule, and use VaxCare’s seven-day grace period to clean up claims that are not ready to process. You can also, search for any patient in the data base, making it easy to start the appointment process. The patients tab has three pages that you should be aware of; Schedule, Clean-up, and Find a Patient.


The schedule is used to manage and view your daily appointments, show eligibility responses and additional actions if necessary, and provides access to full detail patient encounters. Let’s take a quick dive into the schedule. 

We can add appointments to the schedule by clicking add patients to schedule.

At the far right of the patient appointment we see the eligibility response for each patient, secondary messages will be provided here as well if any additional actions are needed with regard to patient information and eligibility.

You can click on any patient encounter to pull up a fully detailed encounter. It is from this view that you can click edit appointment allowing you to make any necessary changes to a patient appointment. If the appointment in question has already occurred you will see the details of the appointment in this section, such as the vaccines administered.

Clean Up

The Clean-Up page is used to look back at previous patient encounters that need additional action or information in order for VaxCare to properly bill for the claim. Simply click on the patient encounter and pull up the full detail record where the additional information or action required will be clearly displayed. Patient Encounters will remain in the clean- up view up to seven days, this falls in line with our seven-day grace period, in which we provide your practice with seven days to clean up a patient encounter. If the encounter is not cleaned up VaxCare will still attempt to bill for the claim, but the financial responsibility for the vaccine will fall on your practice if VaxCare is unable to collect.

Find a Patient

This one is self-explanatory; the page is simply there for you to look up a patient. It is important to note that from this search you can pull up the detailed patient information view, which includes the patient demographic information as well as all previous vaccinations given through the VaxCare system to the patient in question.

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