Patient Check-In with VaxCare-Meditech

Workflow starts with scheduling your patients in Meditech, just as you do now. Meditech will send patient appointments to the VaxCare Scheduler immediately upon appointment creation. For VaxCare’s Scheduler to receive patient demographic information, Meditech demographic and insurance fields must be completed. Once the information is entered and saved in Meditech, updated information will be sent to the VaxCare Scheduler upon patient check-in. Therefore, if you are looking at patient appointments before the patient has arrived and checked-in, you may see outdated insurance information or patients listed as "self-pay." But rest assured, the patient's information will be updated upon check-in, and insurance eligibility will run in VaxCare automatically (more on that in the next article).

Each time a patient is added to Meditech's schedule, the same appointment is added to the VaxCare Scheduler. When a patient appointment is rescheduled in Meditech, that change is reflected in the VaxCare Scheduler as well. 

Any time a change occurs in a patient's appointment information, changes should be made in Meditech, not in VaxCare. Information flows in one direction from Meditech to the VaxCare Scheduler, not the other way around.

Where should you make a change to a patient's appointment information?

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