To access your user list, log into the VaxCare Portal, then click on the drop down by your name > Setup > Users as shown in the picture below.

To edit a user, click on the "View" hyperlink to the left of their name, then edit any of the information listed. To permanently delete a user, click on the "Delete" hyperlink to the right of their name. 

To add a brand-new user, click on "Create New User."

Next, complete the fields as shown, using the descriptions below as a reference.

First Name: Whatever name you prefer to be called. It does not have to be your legal name (i.e. You can list "Sandy" instead of "Sandra" if you go by Sandy).

Last Name: Your last name, of course.

Phone Number: This is the number at which you can be reached while at work. Alternately, the system will accept 000-000-0000.

Email/User Name: This must be a unique email address in our system (i.e. no shared email addresses), and we recommend using your work email whenever possible. We won't be sending you weekly "Vaccine Fun Facts," but we will let you know when we have a scheduled system downtime or a known eligibility issue. This is the same email you will use as your username to log in to the VaxCare Portal.

Confirm Email: Retype your email. 

Password: The system will guide you through creating a strong password. Passwords must meet the following criteria:- May not contain your full name or your account name.- Must be at least 8 characters.- Must have at least 3 of the following:English uppercase charactersEnglish lowercase charactersNumbers 0-9Standard non-alphanumeric characters.

Confirm Password: Retype your password.

Office Roles: Our system offers several user roles, depending on what tasks staff will be performing within the VaxCare system.

    Billing Manager: This is the lead biller for your practice.

    Front Office: These are the staff members who will be checking in patients.

    Inventory Manager: This person is responsible for counting inventory weekly.                      Note: This role may also administer vaccines, and that's perfectly okay!

    Medical Director: Director of a Health Department or large health system.                           Note: This role does not receive routine communication from VaxCare.

    Nurse / NP / PA / MA: These people administer vaccines to patients.
          Note: If a user also writes orders, they need to be listed under Provider.

    Office Manager: This person oversees the admin side of your vaccine program.

    Provider: Anyone who writes orders. Will require an NPI number and to check off          the “Provider” check box. 

Clinic Assignment: If you float between clinic locations, leave this blank. If you don't (or if your practice only has one location), select the name of the clinic where you work to set this location as the default each time you log in (making checking in patients faster and easier!).

User Level: Select one of three user levels:
    Clerk: Can check in vaccines but will not show up on the VaxHub.
    Nurse: Can check in patients or administer vaccines on the VaxHub.
    Administrator: All of the above, plus ability to view account info and edit users.

Contact: Check off this box for any users whom VaxCare should contact regarding questions with your account or should receive updates regarding our service. This box must be checked if you are the Office Champion for your practice.  

Office Champion: Check this box if you are the primary contact for your VaxCare account. You'll be the one we call if we have any trouble communicating with your staff or have questions specific to your practice's vaccine program.

Provider: Check this box if the user you are creating will be writing orders for patients.

NPI: This is required field when the "Provider" box is checked, and the user will be writing orders for patients. Please use the provider specific NPI number if possible.

Administration ID: This field is not required, leave it blank.

To find a VaxHub PIN for a user, ensure they are added to the user list and then select "Export" at the top of the list.

This will open a CSV Excel file and will display the list of VaxHub PINs by user.

Still have questions? Reach out to our Customer Care team. We're happy to help! Message us directly by clicking on the blue Intercom bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen. Email us at Or call us at 1-888-829-8550.

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