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The webinar covers in detail how to set up your device, add existing patients, add parents of pediatric patients & add walk up patients. Answers to additional questions will be below as well as in the Flu Season with VaxCare collection.

How can I receive a Mobile Hub if I haven't already?

If I can not find my answer in the webinar or in help center, who should I reach out to?

What purpose does the Mobile Hub serve?

  • The mobile hub was created so that you could vaccinate anyone with the Flu shot from anywhere.

  • Anywhere: Using LTE connectivity, or a Wifi connection you can use the mobile hub to check out existing patients just like with your traditional VaxCare Hub from today's schedule.

  • Anyone: You can add walk up patients, parents of pediatric patients and others all from the home screen of the mobile hub to receive flu shots. (patients added from the mobile hub can only receive flu)

Will we be able to keep the Mobile Hub beyond Flu season 2020?

  • VaxCare intends to leave all allocated Mobile Hubs in the field with our partners. We plan to expand the uses of the device so that it serves our partners beyond Fall 2020.

What is the cost of the Mobile Hub? What is the cost of the LTE cellular service?

  • The Mobile Hub is completely free to our partners!

  • LTE connectivity is standard with the device. While we recommend connecting to Wifi whenever possible, VaxCare is assuming all responsibility for costs associated with LTE connection.

Where can I find out more information?

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