For your existing, pre-scheduled patients

  • VaxCare Portal eligibility will be run at the time of check in, just like normal!

  • You will see standard eligibility responses on the Mobile Hub for all pre-scheduled patients on their date of service.

For any patients added on the Mobile Hub (i.e. Walk Up's, Parents of Pediatric Patients, etc.)

"Eligibility Status" is unique when using the VaxCare Mobile Hub. It does not operate exactly the same as your VaxCare portal, but it is very easy to understand!

There are three primary Eligibility Status's that you can receive when vaccinating patients using the Mobile Hub, and their dependencies are below:

To receive a Risk Free (Guaranteed Payment) response, all of the below will be true

  • Patient is receiving a flu shot only

  • Patient has primary insurance that is in network with VaxCare

  • All relevant insurance & demographic data has been provided - either via Drivers License bar code capture, Insurance Card image capture or full manual entry

View our article on the Risk Free guarantee here:

To receive an At Risk (VaxCare Will Attempt to Bill) response, at least one of the below will be true

  • Patient has an in network primary insurance, but received a non-flu dose

  • Demographic or insurance information was not completely provided (missing drivers license bar code capture, insurance card image capture, and/or no manual data was entered to fill in missing information)

Note: These patients can be found in the Clean Up view of your portal for seven days after checkout, and there you have the opportunity to update any missing information.

View our article on the clean up section here:

To receive a Self Pay (Your Office Collects Directly From The Patient) response, the below will be true

  • Patient has insurance that is out of VaxCare's billing network

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How can we give a Medicare D existing patient doses using the Mobile Hub?

  • VaxCare has not yet enabled Medicare D functionality on the Mobile Hub. We would suggest vaccinating Medicare D patients from your traditional VaxCare Hub.

  • We anticipate adding this support for this feature in the near future - stay tuned!

View our article on Medicare D eligibility here:

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