Step One:

Any time you open the Mobile Hub, you will first sign in by swiping up from the bottom of the screen & entering your standard four digit PIN.

Step Two:

Any pre-scheduled patients from your VaxCare portal (or pre-scheduled via your EMR if you are integrated) will be available on the first screen of the device. Simply select the patient you'd like to check out by tapping the patient.

Note: only the current date of service will be accessible on the Mobile Hub.

Step Three:

Scan any doses you would like to administer using the viewfinder (camera).

Step Four:

Review and edit the details of the doses. You can adjust Physician, Administrator, and the administered Site.

Step Five:

Once you are ready to check out, click the pink checkmark & administer the dose to the patient!

Congratulations! You have checked out your dose.

From this screen, you can also take a few actions

  1. Check out parents of pediatric patients - and you can review the walk through of how to complete that process here:

  2. Check out additional scheduled patients

  3. or Log Out

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