Step One:

Any time you open the Mobile Hub, you will first sign in by swiping up from the bottom of the screen & entering your standard four digit PIN.

Step Two:

Start the "create a new patient" process by tapping the purple plus button on the bottom right hand of the screen.

Note: You can also search for existing patients using the pink magnifying glass icon.

Step Three:

You can now tap create a new patient!

Step Four:

After tapping "Create a New Patient" - the viewfinder will open for you to capture the patients drivers license bar code to automatically populate their demographic information.

Note: You can also manually enter this data if license is unavailable.

Step Five:

Enter the patients insurance information.

  1. Select the payer

  2. Take an image of the front of the insurance card

  3. Take an image of the back of the insurance card

Note: You can still give a flu shot to the patient if they are missing an insurance card - it may affect their eligibility status. For more information on eligibility, visit:

Step Six:

Confirm the patients information.

Step Seven:

Scan the flu dose to be administered.

Note: Walk Up patients are only eligible for Flu shots.

Step Eight:

Review and edit the details of the dose.

Congratulations! You have checked out your dose.

From this screen, you can also take a few actions

  1. You can check out another patient.

  2. or, Log out.

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