Step One:

After checking out a child, you can select an existing Parent/Guardian or add one.

Step Two:

Review & confirm the parents information. If necessary, you can edit their information.

Note: This information will be pre-populated if you have selected a suggested Parent/Guardian. This information is based on the information that was provided for the pediatric patient.

Step Three:

Scan the flu dose for the Parent/Guardian.

Note: Parents/Guardians & Walk-Up patients added to the schedule with the Mobile Hub are only eligible for flu vaccines.

Step Four:

Review and edit the details of the doses. You can adjust Physician, Administrator, and the administered Site.

Congratulations! You have checked out your dose.

From this screen, you can also take a few actions

  1. You can add another Parent/Guardian to check out.

  2. You can check out another patient.

  3. or, Log Out.

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