Most of your patients will go through VaxCare's system as "Insurance Pay," meaning VaxCare will bill the patient's insurance to cover the cost of their vaccines and pay your office for administering them. However, for patients who do not have vaccine coverage or do not wish to provide their insurance information, we have included the option to Self Pay (see: Scheduler Part 3: Updating a Patient's Demographics, or Methods of Payment (for Patients)). 

When a patient chooses to Self Pay, they will pay with cash, check, or credit card directly to your office, at whatever rate you choose. You'll check the patient into our system as Self Pay, administer their vaccines, and then, at the end of the month, VaxCare will deduct the cost of these vaccines from your monthly compensation check.

But, seriously, how do I choose my self pay rates?

We always keep our most up-to-date Vaccine Fee list on our Portal (Click on Resources > Forms > General Reference > Vaccine Fees). This form shows the cost of each vaccine VaxCare offers, by brand, based on current market value. We recommend you set Self Pay rates at least equal to the cost of the vaccine itself, though many of our partners further increase this cost by $5-10 to cover their staff's time and any supplies needed to give the injection. 

At the end of the day, what you charge your patients is entirely up to you and does not need to be reported to VaxCare. We just assume that you've been reimbursed from the patient at a rate that seems fair to your office and covers the cost of the vaccine we'll be charging back to you.

Our most recent Vaccine Fee list is below (or HERE as a printable document).

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