You've reviewed little Johnny's 4-year-old vaccines a hundred times, but after you've drawn them all up, Mom suddenly refuses "that one." Or Betty has eagerly agreed to a flu shot, which you've eagerly drawn up for her, but she forgot to mention she has a fever today. Or maybe you've prepared Brian's pneumonia vaccine, but he's suddenly left the building.

It happens. Sometimes you just have to waste a dose of vaccine.

You can now remove that from your inventory using the Manage Inventory tab on the VaxHub. 

Select the menu icon to find the "Manage Inventory" section of the VaxHub

Select "Loss/Waste" as the inventory transaction type you'd like to complete

Select the reason for the transaction, and follow the instructions to submit. 

Your inventory will be automatically updated and you can go ahead and dispose of the broken or drawn up vaccine in your office.

What do I do if I already checked out my patient?

If you had already checked out your patient on the VaxHub before they refused the vaccine, you can return to the Hub and delete the vaccine from the patient's encounter (see: Editing a Patient Check-Out). Our system assumes you are able to return the dose of vaccine to your inventory, and the What's In the Fridge report will update automatically within 2-3 minutes. If you cannot return the vaccine to your inventory, please follow the instructions above to waste the dose.

How do I know if I can safely return the vaccine to inventory?

Follow your office policy and manufacturer recommendations for that product.

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