We are a certified application in the Allscripts store for an integration with PM (Practice Management) & Pro (Professional EHR). Integrating with your EHR enables us to automate a slew of manual tasks, simplify your workflow and save you time. While we do transmit data to and from you’re EHR, we only have access to data you’ve shared. We are excited to make the connection for you!

First things first, we'd like to know a few things. When requested, please provide the following information:

  1. Your Allscripts Client Account Number so that we can submit a Partner Activation Request to Allscripts.
  2. Is your connection cloud hosted or on-premise? If you're on-prem, we will need to request some additional information about your server.
  3. What version are you on for PM? You can find this at your Practice Management log in screen. If you're cloud hosted and are on PM version 18.3.5, you'll need to request to be upgraded to PM version 20.0 in order for the integration to be compatible.
  4. Confirm that all immunization orders available for selection in the drop down contain the CPT code in parenthesis. This is how our system identifies the order to be able to display it on the VaxHub.

Once we have the above information, the following will be completed by VaxCare and Allscripts (yes, no work for you!):

  1. We will complete the set up for the messages and the subscription within our database.
  2. Allscripts will set up a vendor user called “ADPVendorVaxCare” within your Allscripts account. This user is a non-clinical user so there are not any fees associated with the user license. VaxCare personnel is not provided with any log in credentials for this created user for actual access. It is set up to allow the bidirectional messages to flow, as well as for permissions and auditing purposes.

And that’s it! We may contact you for a quick call to schedule a test patient and place an order, but otherwise there will not be any to-dos for your practice outside of providing us the initial information. The approximate timeline for completion is 3 weeks. Please head to the next article to learn more about what to expect once the integration is live.

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