If you are attempting to check out a patient and the barcode scanner will not take the vaccine (even if it beeps), there are generally a few simple solutions to help you get back to scanning in no time!

1. Check the appointment information on the patient's consent form. If the patient you are attempting to check out was checked in to the wrong date or location, the barcode on the consent form will beep but not scan. To correct this issue, simply edit the patient's appointment information on the Portal to reflect the correct date and/or location. Within about 60 seconds, the patient's information will update on the VaxHub, and you will be able to find your patient under the "Select or Scan Patient" option. Please note that you must have a consent form (or patient check-in if your office is paperless) that matches the patient's actual date of service. You cannot use an old form/check-in from a previous encounter.

2. Check the barcode on your patient's consent form. If your printer cut off even one bar of the barcode on the top of your consent form, the Hub will not accept the form. To proceed, simply tap the option to "Select or Scan Patient" on the VaxHub and manually choose your patient's name from the list, rather than scanning their consent form.

3. Ensure that you are checking out the patient for the correct date of service. If you are intentionally checking out a patient for a date of service that is different from today's date, simply select the correct date on the Hub (the one that matches the patient's actual date of service) before scanning their consent.

4. Check the lights. Ensure that your room offers sufficient light for the VaxHub to recognize your motion. When logged in to your VaxHub app, the barcode scanner should always respond to motion with a red flashing light, indicating it is ready to accept your scan. If the red light does not appear, it's likely your room offers insufficient lighting to recognize that you're moving your hand or a barcode underneath. You can test this issue by holding a phone light or a flashlight near the Hub to see if the red light will activate with the additional illumination. If it does, simply scan your form/vaccine while the light is on. If it does not respond, even with additional light, call Customer Care for assistance. 

5. Check your location! Ok, ok, it sounds silly. But we get a number of phone calls from partners who float from practice location to practice location daily, and sometimes they forget which Hub they are trying to access! If your patient does not show up on your Hub, double check that your patient was checked in to the correct location (if not, refer to step one).

6. Check your internet connection. If you have verified that your patient was checked in to the correct location for the correct date, check that your internet connection is active. If it is not active, you will see a red warning sign on the home page of your VaxHub app that reads "Cannot connect to Wifi/internet." In this case, your patient will not appear, because your Hub cannot receive the information from the Scheduler. For help resolving a bad connection, see Troubleshooting for Wifi or Troubleshooting for Ethernet.

7. Check your technique. It's tempting to treat the VaxHub like the self-checkout at the grocery store, but if your Hub is not scanning, we recommend slowly and gently repositioning whatever it is you're trying to scan, rather than wildly waving it under the scanner. Match the red dot of the scanner to the barcode you are attempting to scan, and then slowly move the consent form or vaccine up and down (or side to side) in order to find the scanner's "sweet spot." Did I mention slowwwwwly? Good. Go slow and prosper.

If all else fails, call our scanning experts at 1-888-829-8550!
We're happy to help!

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