Which messages are going where?

VaxCare receives three messages from Allscripts- the scheduling information, patient demographic and immunization orders. VaxCare sends one message back to Allscripts- the administration details.

For the Front Desk-

  1. Scheduling - your EHR sends appointment and demographic information to the VaxCare Portal.
  2. Patient Eligibility- Our system assesses your patient's eligibility for an immunization and sends that information from the VaxCare Portal to the VaxCare Hub. Very Important... If you need to update insurance or other patient demographic information, do this in your EHR as Allscripts is the source of truth and any changes made in the VaxCare Portal regarding patient information will be over written by the data in Allscripts.

For the Clinical Staff-

  1. Vaccine Orders- You'll place the vaccine order as you normally would within Allscripts before scanning the dose(s) on the VaxHub. If you need to change or cancel the order, you'll just need to provide a reason at the Hub for why the order won't be fulfilled. Your EHR sends vaccine orders to the VaxCare Hub. This usually takes a few seconds but it can take up to 35 seconds to appear on the VaxHub for the clinical staff.
  2. Administration Info- The VaxCare Hub sends Allscripts administration details (such as the lot number, expiration, and NDC) immediately after the VaxHub checkout if it matches the orders CPT code. After you've checked out the patient on the VaxHub, make sure to refresh the page by going back into the immunization order to fill in the site of administration.

Questions or Concerns? You can always contact our Customer Care team at (888) 829-8550 or help@vaxcare.com.

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