Follow the steps below for a smooth set up!


  1. Remove your new VaxCare Hub from its box

  2. Place your Hub on the counter next to your vaccine fridge

  3. Remove the plastic lens protectors from the scanner and camera behind the tablet

  4. Connect the power adapter and power cable

  5. Plug the power cord into an outlet, press the power button on the right side of the base, and you're ready to roll!

First Time Set Up

  1. Once connected to a power supply and turned on, the Hub will walk you through the steps to connecting to Wi-Fi.

2. Tapping the right arrow will be take you to the Wi-Fi settings screen. You will connect to your local, secure Wi-Fi network. Tapping the 'back' arrow will then return to the VaxCare application.

3. At this point, the Hub will test your internet and VaxCare connections.

4. Once connected, you will be taken to your new home screen!

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