The Home Screen of the New VaxCare Hub contains & accomplishes three primary functions for your practice.

  1. Contains All Primary Workflows That You Will Use The Hub For

  2. Reports The On-Hand Inventory For All Of Your Stocks

  3. Provides Relevant Notifications About Necessary Actions

In order to complete any primary workflow, you will be required to use your PIN to enter the device after the home screen. The PIN is the same as your previous VaxCare Hub PIN. You will not need to PIN in to view notifications or to view on hand doses.

Primary Workflows

There are three primary workflows on the VaxCare Hub: Checkout's, Counts, and adjustments.

To initiate a primary workflow, simply tap any of the prominent buttons on the Home Screen

For example, to Checkout a dose, tap the large vaccine button as seen below:

In order to perform a count, tap the "Count Inventory" button and then simply need to select which stock you would like to count before beginning - if we do not manage multiple stocks for you, you will bypass this screen!

To Adjust Inventory simply click the "Adjust Inventory" button and then select the adjustment you would like to perform as seen below:

Viewing On Hand Doses

From the Home Screen, the user can swipe from right to left in order to access the on hand view.

Like the portal, Non-Flu products are organized by Antigen, then product, where products that share the same antigen and patient population (Ped vs. Adult) are grouped together.

If you manage multiple stocks via VaxCare, you can toggle between stocks using the up & down arrows on the bottom right side of this screen.

The VaxCare Hub uses presentation icons rather than acronyms to indicate product presentation throughout the application:

Pre-Filled Syringe

Single Dose Vial

Multi Dose Vial

Nasal Spray


Notifications Section

This section lives directly below your partner & clinic name.

Notifications that will be here will/may include:

  • An invitation to watch tutorial videos when first received

  • Notification when it is time to count your inventory

  • Reporting on recent performance

  • Reminders to update your device software

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