Scanning Doses

Our new VaxCare Hub comes equipped with a camera scanner that is built into the bottom of the screen. Screens that allow scanning will display a viewport, like the one below, so that the user can see the scanning target & scan accurately.

If the user taps the magnifying glass icon on the viewport, they will prompted with the option to type in the dose Lot Number.

From here, you can search for & select a specific lot number in the case of a dose having a poorly printed barcode that makes for difficult scanning.

Lot Number Creation/Add Lot Number

If you do not see your lot number in the search results, you can also tap "Add Lot #". Once clicked, you will need to review and/or finish typing the lot number, and then tap "Confirm Lot #" at the right hand side of the text field.

This will prompt a popup where you can confirm the details of the lot to add to the checkout, count or adjustment once you tap "Add New Lot #" after filling out all necessary fields.

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