After you have entered the checkout workflow by tapping the coral "Check Out Vaccines" button on the Home Screen, you will prompted to enter your PIN.

Once completed, select the patient you would like to checkout from the patient appointment schedule:

After selecting the patient, you will be prompted to scan your doses using the viewfinder:

As you scan doses out, they will populate on the checkout grid:

If you'd like, you can also set the site of administration by selecting "Set Site":

Upon selecting the coral Patient Consent button to submit the checkout, you will then see the "completed" screen which hosts the final checkout details.

Note: The user can elect to Edit the checkout by tapping the pencil icon. (This can also be done later by selecting the patient, again, from the schedule.) You may also elect to Check Out Another Patient (takes you back to the schedule) or Log Out (takes you back to the Home Screen).

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