Starting A Count

From the Home Screen of the VaxCare Hub, you can initiate a count confirmation by tapping the "Count Inventory" button.

From there, you simply need to select which stock you would like to count before beginning - if we do not manage multiple stocks for you, you will bypass this screen!

You can count Non-Flu or Flu by using the button at the top of the count grid, or by scrolling vertically to the bottom of the list to access Flu products.

You may confirm the On Hand value for the product by tapping the “Confirm” button, or you can edit the On Hand value by tapping the "Edit" button which opens the Edit Lot view.

New lot numbers not present in this view can be added by scanning or using the viewport, or by tapping the magnifying glass on the viewport to manually search for the lot number.

Confirming A Count

Once all "Action Required" products in the grid are resolved, and you have confirmed at least one on hand value, you can select the check to continue to the confirmation screen.

The confirmation screen displays a summary of all adjustments to the inventory being counted and the financial impact if the user is counting private inventory.

After reviewing the confirmation screen, you can select the check button to submit the count and view the complete screen.

Action Required Message (Negative On Hand Amounts)

If one of the products contains a lot number with a negative On Hand value, it will display an “Action Required” message, and the “Confirm” button at the product level will be disabled. The user must select “Edit” in order to edit at the Lot # level and resolve the negative value.

When you are resolving a negative On Hand quantity for lot numbers, the quantity will default to zero and the "Confirm" button will be present next to the lot's quantity.

After confirming all Lot Numbers that previously had negative values, you may select the Checkout button at the bottom-right of the lot grid to return to the original product grid. You should now see that the "Action Required" message has disappeared.

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