Uh oh. You see Ms. Smith coming, and she is not happy. She's holding a bill in her hand and screaming that she's never even heard of these VaxCare people. 

Why did my patient get a bill?

Anytime VaxCare bills a patient, our logo will be prominently displayed at the top of the statement, and the statement will very clearly instruct the patient to call us directly before remitting. In most cases, a patient received a bill because incorrect or expired demographic information was submitted to VaxCare, and the patient simply needs to call our billing department to update their information so we can refile their claim.

But my patient was Risk Free!

Keep in mind that our Risk Free Guarantee protects you, as our partner, not your patient. While Risk Free by nature means there is nothing about the patient's information that would indicate they should have financial responsibility, the Risk Free Guarantee is not a guarantee of payment for the patient. In some cases, the patient received a bill because they received a duplicate vaccine in a given timeframe. In other cases, their insurance simply did not fully cover the vaccines administered. We would love to walk your patient through why they received a bill, but - as always - if your patient has any questions specifically about their coverage, they need to contact their insurance company directly.

Why was my patient billed under a different provider's name?

According to our insurance contracts, every patient must be billed under a VaxCare national or state medical director. This is a formality for the insurance company and is not an assumption of the actual vaccine administrator. 

How does my patient pay a bill?

Patients can remit a bill by phone or by following the instructions on their statement.  VaxCare's direct patient line is (844) 458-9551.

What if my patient requires a payment plan?

We're happy to accommodate patients who require a payment plan in order to cover the cost of their vaccines! Please have them contact our office directly.

Do you bill secondary insurance?

No, we only bill the patient's primary insurance.

But my patient has secondary insurance/outstanding COB/deductible due. 

Please have them call our office directly for next steps.

My patient is confused about their Explanation of Benefits (EOB) and/or the additional fees associated with their vaccine(s).

For every vaccine a patient receives, their insurance company is billed for both the cost of the vaccine itself, plus a fee intended to cover the time and supplies required by your office to administer that vaccine. This often confuses patients, because this CPT code may be listed as a "medical fee" or "medical evaluation" on the EOB they received. However, this is very normal and is routinely billed along with the cost of the vaccine. 

It is also very normal to see amounts billed to the insurance company that are higher than what the insurance company eventually reimburses to VaxCare (both the billed and reimbursed amounts are generally detailed on the EOB).  This is the nature of insurance reimbursement and is not a cause for concern. 

An EOB receipt is not necessarily an indicator of payment due. If the patient owes anything to VaxCare, they will receive a separate statement by mail, directly from us.

If a patient has any questions about vaccine billing or statements, please have them call our office directly. VaxCare's direct patient line is (844) 458-9551.  Under no circumstances should a patient be given the cell phone number for any of our field representatives. Our sales folks are not allowed to access the patient portal and will not be able to assist with billing questions.

Still have questions? Reach out to our Customer Care team. We're happy to help! Message us directly by clicking on the blue Intercom bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen. Email us at help@vaxcare.com. Or call us at 1-888-829-8550.

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