Which messages are going where?

VaxCare receives two message types from Office Practicum- the scheduling information, and patient demographic information. VaxCare doesn't send any information back into Office Practicum. From the time the information is updated in Office Practicum to the time it will show up in VaxCare will be between 1-3 minutes.

Scheduling - When you create an appointment, reschedule, or cancel an appointment as well as when changes are made to the appointment such as updating the provider, VaxCare will reflect this information automatically on the VaxCare Portal (website) and on the VaxHub where applicable.

Patient Demographics - When you edit patient demographic information including their insurance details, VaxCare will reflect this information automatically as well. In Office Practicum, be sure that the insurance is set to "Active" and the ranking is set. You'll also need to be sure the Insured/Subscriber information such as their date of birth is filled out in the Insurance section in Office Practicum.

Patient Eligibility - Our system assesses your patient's eligibility for an immunization in VaxCare automatically. As there are changes made to the patient demographics, we automatically rerun the eligibility check in VaxCare for that appointment and display it on the VaxCare Portal and VaxHub. If you have a Self Pay patient, or a patient whose insurance is out of network with VaxCare, this information will be displayed automatically in the eligibility section of both the VaxCare Portal and Hub.

Very Important... If you need to update insurance or other patient demographic information, do this in your EHR as Office Practicum is the source of truth and any changes made in the VaxCare Portal regarding patient information will be over written by the data in Office Practicum.

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