How do I get the COVID-19 vaccine? How do I enroll as a COVID-19 vaccinator for my state? Will VaxCare provide the COVID-19 vaccine?

While VaxCare is not part of distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines, we are

here to do all we can to support our partners through the enrollment and

distribution process. As part of that effort, we've pulled together a list of helpful information and resources on how you can enroll to become a COVID-19 vaccine provider in your state. We'll be updating this list every Monday to ensure we have the most updated information available.

Each state has different enrollment procedures, so please reference your state below for enrollment specifics. Note: We have listed information and resources for only those states in which VaxCare operates.

Information up-to-date as Monday, January 18th, 2021.


Per Alabama's COVID-19 vaccination plan: "The Alabama Department of Health will utilize and leverage ImmPRINT to recruit providers for the COVID-19 Vaccine."

Enrollment through ImmPRINT:

Other helpful resources:

Provider support and enrollment information


Per Colorado's COVID-19 vaccination plan: "Enrollment within the COVID-19 Vaccination Program will occur online through an existing system currently used for the Immunization Information System (IIS) enrollment and onboarding, the Colorado Public Health Reporting (CoPHR) portal - a commercial software product developed and maintained by Atlantic Management Center, Inc. (AMCI)."

Provider enrollment and onboarding for COVID-19 Vaccination Program will occur online through the Colorado Public Health Reporting Portal (CoPHR).

To express interest in becoming a vaccine provider, please complete this quick survey.

For other questions about registration, enrollment, or onboarding, providers may email


Per Florida's COVID-19 vaccination plan: "Provider recruitment for the COVID-19 vaccination effort officially began on Monday, October 5, when Florida SHOTS became fully functional for COVID-19 enrollment."

Enrollment through FLSHOTS:

Other helpful resources:

Florida Department of Health Provider Information for COVID-19 Vaccine

one-page process overview:

Florida Department of Health Vaccine Enrollment Process for Providers


Per Georgia's COVID-19 vaccination plan: "GIP began the first phase of COVID-19 provider recruitment by disseminating recruitment letters. Each letter was tailored to address further recruitment instructions based on provider type and provided a link for providers to complete a COVID-19 Vaccine Pre-Enrollment Questionnaire through survey monkey was provided. The recruitment process will include a review of submitted surveys to place interested providers into three tiers. Tiers will be assigned based on providers’ ability to store and handle vaccines with documented completed training, followed by their capability of being a mass vaccination site for each of the three population tier phases outlined by the CDC. GIP will use a phased approach to enroll providers in the COVID-19 vaccine program. Active recruitment and enrollment of new providers will continue while the COVID-19 vaccine remains available."

In order to receive shipments of COVID vaccine when it becomes available, you will need to complete an online enrollment application. GRITS has added new functionality to allow COVID-19 Providers to submit their Enrollment forms electronically versus paper forms. Please visit ( to be taken to the GRITS homepage. If your facility doesn’t currently have a GRITS account, your first step is to enroll on the website ( by clicking ‘Register Now’.

Other helpful resources:

FAQ in Appendix G of Georgia's vaccination plan.

COVID Vaccine Information for Providers


Per Illinois's COVID-19 vaccination plan: "Enrolling into I-CARE to receive COVID-19 vaccine is a two-step process: step 1 – complete the required enrollment forms to become an I-CARE provider; step 2 – complete the fillable CDC COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Agreement and Profile form, within I-CARE, to order and receive the vaccine."

Enrollment through I-CARE:

Link to I-CARE is accessible only to enrolled users who have predefined roles. To enroll in I-CARE, where COVID-19 provider enrollment is completed


Per Indiana's COVID-19 vaccination plan: "An adequate network of trained, technically competent COVID-19 vaccination providers in accessible settings is critical to Indiana’s COVID-19 vaccination program success. For this reason, the IDOH is conducting provider recruitment and enrollment in advance of COVID-19 vaccine availability. Early planning efforts are focused on engaging those vaccination providers and services that can rapidly vaccinate initial populations of focus (see Section 4: Critical Populations) as soon as a COVID-19 vaccine is available (Phase 1). Subsequent planning includes recruiting and enrolling providers to vaccinate additional critical populations and eventually the general population when sufficient vaccine supply is available (Phases 2 and 3).

The IDOH has developed a web-based COVID-19 Provider Enrollment form capturing all information defined in the “CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Program Provider Agreement” form. This web-based system will be used to enroll Indiana providers."

The enrollment link will be emailed to healthcare organizations. The enrollment will be a phased process based on expectations for vaccine availability. On Monday (Oct. 19), an email was sent to hospitals asking them to complete the enrollment for their main campuses. Initial vaccine supplies will be limited, so additional health care professionals will be asked to register in future phases of the plan as a vaccine becomes more widely available.

Other helpful resources:

COVID-19 Vaccination Provider Agreement FAQs

Enrollment information


Per Kansas's COVID-19 vaccination plan: "During Phase 1, COVID-19 vaccine provider recruitment and enrollment efforts will be targeted at hospitals, local health departments, federally qualified health centers/safety net clinics, and retail pharmacies. During Phase 2, continued enrollment of groups identified above plus traditional and non-traditional partners will be the focus. Enrollment of these providers will be prioritized based on those that can provide a significant number of vaccinations to the target populations. During Phase 3, all other healthcare providers that would like to enroll and can meet the requirements will be added as requested. Enrollment of these providers will occur on a first come first served basis."


Per Kentucky's COVID-19 vaccination plan: "To receive and administer the COVID-19 vaccine, providers must enroll in the COVID-19 Vaccination Program coordinated through the KPDH Immunizations Branch. Providers must sign and agree to conditions outlined in the COVID-19 Vaccination Program Provider Agreement."

Other helpful resources:

Kentucky Healthcare Guidance - COVID

COVID-19 Enrollment Checklist and Flowchart

COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Enrollment Checklist


Per Missouri's COVID-19 vaccination plan: "An electronic site survey was designed to prescreen potential vaccinators through self-identification of interest. The development and deployment of an electronic provider agreement allow for a simple collection and reporting of enrolled-provider data."

Other helpful resources: COVID-19 Vaccine Providers Enrollment FAQ’s ShowMeVax COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Enrollment Training Guide COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Enrollment Checklist

COVID-19 Vaccine Helpful Information

North Carolina

Per North Carolina's COVID-19 vaccination plan: "North Carolina will prioritize early outreach, recruitment and enrollment of key providers and agencies who serve populations with high risk of clinical severity and high risk of exposure. The Advisory Committee will help to identify and engage those providers. North Carolina has created a streamlined electronic process for provider enrollment applications, licensure verification, storage and handling assessments, and approval and denial letters. Enrollment is already underway with local health departments, hospitals and health systems"

Other helpful resources:

Provider Enrollment Information

Local Public Health COVID-19 Vaccination FAQs

NC Vaccine Plan Overview

New York

Per New York's COVID-19 vaccination plan: "Providers of all types will need to enroll with the NYSDOH Vaccine Program to be a COVID-19 vaccinator by completing and submitting a COVID-19 Vaccination NEW YORK STATE’S COVID-19 VACCINATION PROGRAM 43 Provider Agreement and Provider Profile available through the Health Commerce System (HCS)."

Enrollment through the Health Commerce System (HCS):

If you don’t have an HCS account, Sign Up Here to fill out the account request form

Other helpful resources:

New York State COVID-19 Vaccination Program Provider Enrollment Information


Per Ohio's COVID-19 vaccination plan: "The Ohio Department of Health Immunization Program has developed a registration website to gather provider information and facilitate COVID-19 vaccine provider enrollment. The provider will be prompted to register online and answer questions referencing necessary capabilities, guidelines, and enrollment forms the CDC has provided."

Enrollment though OHID:

1.) Log-in using your OHID, or create a new account.

2.) Then click the Sites & Applications tab and search the App Store for "Vaccination Program (COVID19)" to request access.

3.) Complete, sign and submit all required forms electronically through OHID

Other helpful resources:

Ohio COVID-19 Vaccine Program Provider Enrollment Overview


Per Oklahoma's COVID-19 vaccination plan: "Oklahoma began creating a potential pandemic provider list in January 2020 as a required activity under Core grant. Providers were recruited through the Oklahoma Heath Advisory Network (OK-HAN), which reached approximately 5,000 healthcare providers throughout Oklahoma.Vaccines for Children providers were reached through the Immunization Field Consultants (IFCs). Over 515 pandemic providers including LHDs, RHCs, FQHCs, hospitals and others enrolled with Immunization Service before CDC released its provider enrollment forms.

Immunization Service’s immediate efforts are focused on identifying and recruiting providers that will provide services to phase 1 critical population, including LTC and assisted living facilities staff, public health and healthcare personnel, first responders, and people with increased risk for severe illness related to COVID-19, including those 65 years and older."

Other helpful resources:

Enrollment Process Overview

Provider Enrollment Questions

Provider Enrollment FAQs

Check if your facility has previously enrolled


Per Pennsylvania's COVID-19 vaccination plan: "COVID-19 provider recruitment during phase one is currently under way. Facility types targeted by Phase 1 recruitment efforts consist of hospitals, Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), CMHDs, State Health Centers, and pharmacies allowing the DOH the ability to ensure COVID-19 vaccine will be available for critical population groups identified by the CDC and the DOH. Phase 2 and 3 recruitment efforts will be expanded to Vaccine for Children (VFC) and non-VFC providers and pharmacies throughout Pennsylvania. During phases 2 and 3, the DOH estimates an additional 1,500 VFC and non-VFC facilities and 2,000 pharmacies will be enrolled in the COVID-19 Vaccination Program."

Other helpful resources:

Additional Information

COVID-19 Vaccine Providers FAQs

South Carolina

Per South Carolina's COVID-19 vaccination plan: "South Carolina will utilize an online enrollment process to streamline the collection of information from interested providers. Once the provider completes the enrollment, staff will review the enrollment information to ensure each interested provider can meet the minimum requirements outlined in the CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Program Provider Agreement Section B."

Other helpful resources:

COVID-19 Vaccination Program Provider Enrollment FAQs

COVID-19 Vaccine & Vaccination FAQs


Per Tennessee's COVID-19 vaccination plan: "VPDIP’s first priority is to enroll hospitals with emergency departments and intensive care units that would see the highest acuity patients. Enrollment will then expand to include all hospitals in the state, so that they may provide vaccine to qualifying staff. Our next priority is to ensure all health departments have completed the PA and are ready to receive vaccines, and then we will focus on pharmacies, especially those in rural areas that do not have hospitals or other opportunities to access vaccines outside of the health departments. Once hospitals and pharmacies are onboarded, we will begin focusing on large employers, urgent care clinics, and community providers that will be able to reach additional individuals within these priority populations."

Or complete the PDF version of the Agreement that is found on the COVID-19 vaccine resource webpage and email it to

Other helpful resources:

Provider Agreement FAQs


Per Texas's COVID-19 vaccination plan: "To enable providers to register and receive COVID-19 vaccine, DSHS developed a web portal,, for providers to enter their enrollment information. In addition to providing enrollment information, the CDC requires interested providers to sign a CDC Provider Agreement Form. This form will be completed digitally during the registration process."

Other helpful resources:

COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Questions

How to Become a COVID-19 Vaccinator

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