Integrating with your EHR enables us to automate a slew of manual tasks, simplify your workflow and save you time. While we do transmit data to your EHR, we only have access to data you’ve shared. We are excited to make the connection for you!

First things first, we'd like to know a few things. When requested, please provide the following information:

  1. Is your Office Practicum instance cloud hosted or on-premises? We can integrate with both, so either way you'll have an automated workflow soon!

  2. Are you currently an RCM client with Office Practicum? Said differently, does Office Practicum currently handle the billing of your claims? Again, we will be able to get you integrated whether you have this service or not. We're just wanting to make sure it will be a seamless transition for all parties!

Alright, now we can move on to the fun part. Here is what the set up will look like for you and your practice:

  1. Office Practicum will send you a document to sign and return to them which is essentially giving your approval for the data being sent to VaxCare. They'll also be requesting your permission for access to your Office Practicum instance on a certain scheduled date for the configuration.

  2. Office Practicum and VaxCare will be working on the set up behind the scenes. There won't be any disruption to your daily workflow.

  3. VaxCare will let you know when the integration will be live!

There is a chance our interfaces team may contact you to verify additional information, but otherwise there will not be any to-dos for your practice outside of providing us the initial information, and signing and returning the document from Office Practicum. The approximate timeline for completion is 4 weeks. Please head to the next article to learn more about what to expect once the integration is live.

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